About the Artist

My name is Claudia Romanini Backus and I grew up in Italy, near Venice. As an artist, my mother instilled the love of art and art history in my life. My interest in jewelry started with a small supply of seed beads, a pair of pliers and some copper wire when I was 10 years old. Even back then, I loved the feel of the beads running through my hands. After college, my urge to travel, my love of language and my desire to explore the world pointed me in the radically different direction of the high tech industry. I since have traveled incessantly across continents marketing and selling technology products. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people of many cultures, learning their ways—language, art and customs. My world travels have influenced every aspect of my universe. My jewelry translates these experiences into a new language—the language of beads.

When one looks at a bead, it is hard not to think about…how far through time and distance it has traveled to reach its current destination.
The History of Beads by Lois Sherr Dubin

About Gyoie Jewelry

Each piece of Gyoie jewelry is uniquely designed and hand-crafted using high-quality materials and components including semi-precious gemstones, pearls and other natural materials from around the world.

Chain Jewelry

We use either top quality gold-fill chain or 24K gold overlay chain. For silver chain, we use either sterling silver or rhodium. Rhodium is in the Platinum family. It is the most expensive and one of the hardest of the precious metals. It is Hypo-Allergenic and does not change color like sterling silver chain.

Real Leaves

Necklaces and earrings  made from real leaves are incredibly unique. No two are alike. The process is called electroforming and involves hand painting the surface with a copper based paint.  Once the natural surface is coated with the copper metal we are able to dip the leaves into a solution of 24kt gold or other specialized metal finishes such as Silver, Pink Copper, etc. Each leaf is a unique handcrafted piece of wearable art.

Gyoie Customers Love their Jewelry

Portia Backus is a stunning high-fashion model and up and coming actress in New York City. She wore a Gyoie necklace and earrings as she presented several awards at the New York Winter Film Festival in March 2014.
Portia Backus
Loving my exquisite piece of jewelry…. A special valentines treat by my one and only Valentine and hand crafted by my talented friend Claudia Romanini! Pure Goyie!!!!
Valeria Cole
Gyoie’s long necklaces made with natural leaf pendants and gemstones are an amazing reminder of the beauty of nature.
Federica Cucciari
Gyoie’s long necklaces made with natural leaf pendants and gemstones are an amazing reminder of the beauty of nature.
Federica Cucciari